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Bloom started in a Welsh woolen mill in 1999 by Tiffany and her husband Laurent. Tiffany worked as a photographic stylist in London which taught her how dramatically flowers, real or otherwise, could enliven an interior. From working on many photo shoots, she felt very wasteful throwing away flowers that couldn't cope with the heat of the lights, but at the same time there simply wasn't an alternative. Visit for their vouchers, promo and discount codes.
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After a visit to California she came into contact with 'New Generation' silk flowers - this is when Tiffany became inspired to create silk flowers that were truly realistic and since then Bloom has become the country's leading silk flower retailer and part of the UK's largest mail order company. Every Bloom is designed and made by hand - we set ourselves the task of creating silk flowers as beautiful as the real thing, but with the huge advantage of being able to last for years. By using actual plants (not photographs) as their models they've created artificial flowers so realistic that they even fool bees. Yes honestly!

In November 2014 Bloom launched Bloom at Home which incorporates silk flowers with home furnishings. Tiffany wanted to bring together beautiful and inspiring ideas that complimented her flowers to create a stylish new look for the home. Bloom silk flowers are reproduced with such skill that they're recognized as the best on the market, praised by journalists, sought after by interior designers and much loved by customers throughout the UK.

Bloom faux flowers can go where real flowers won't survive - bright sunlight, dim corners, draughty halls. Our flowers can be displayed all year round and are particularly good in offices where central heating fluctuations are death to real plants and flowers. The beauty of a Bloom arrangement is that it looks good anywhere and will stay looking good for years to come. Visit for their vouchers, promo and discount codes.

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