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Since 1964, Bird-X Inc. has been the leader in producing humane pest and bird repellent products. We offer the most comprehensive line of bird and pest control products that are eco-friendly, environmentally-safe, non-toxic and non-harmful.Bird-X’s electronic solutions consisting of sonic, ultrasonic and laser technology are used in conjunction with many of our products such as netting, bird spikes, coyote replicas, gels, predator owls and other repellents to create the most comprehensive approach to eliminate pest birds and other pest animals. Bird-X UK and Ireland is the official distributor of Bird-X products across the UK and Ireland. We support the full range of Bird-X products under the original manufacturer's warranty, from stock in the UK. Visit for more updates on voucher codes and promo codes!
Shopping Tips
  • Ultrasonic devices such as the Balcony Guard are silent to most humans and provide extremely effective results.
  • Spot treatment of beams and rafters with barrier methods like Bird Spikes, Bird Netting or Repellent Gel is always 100% effective
  • Prevent pest pigeons and seagulls from landing on surfaces by installing Bird Control Spikes which are 100% effective everywhere installed.
More About Bird X

In today’s world, pest control is no longer limited to lethal traps and poisons. Responsible consumers and businesses seek safer, sustainable methods – while still demanding effective results. All Bird-X pest control products are safe, humane, and eco-friendly. From electronic devices to 100% organic repellent compounds, our animal repellent solutions keep pests away from homes and businesses without harming the animals or the environment. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays will not be dispatched until the next working day (with the exception of cut-to-size nets, which take 4 working days to dispatch).
Orders that have Next Working Day delivery selected will be processed on the next working day and will only be delivered on the next working day after dispatch date (with the exception of cut-to-size nets, which take 4 working days to dispatch).
Bird-X offers a line of unique insect control products that keep insects away without the use of harmful pesticides or messy traps. Our electronic insect repellent devices keep ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, ticks, fleas, and many other crawling insects away. All of our insect control solutions are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and effective.

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