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Be Live Hotels belongs to globally, the first Spanish tourism company.We have a network of accommodation within the 4 and 5 star ranges in prime locations, and we make an effort to create unique experiences, for which we have 31 hotels distributed around the World’s main tourist destinations: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spain (Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands), Portugal and Morocco. Why Be Live? At Be Live Hotels, we believe it’s better to live life than to dream it. Our hotel concept aims for spaces that adapt to our guests and remind them where they are. We adjust the experience to the client’s profile. Five star hotels with VIP services for the most exquisite guests. Aimed to families, couples, friends or business trips, these hotels offer a full experience. Be Live Experience offers four star hotels where you can taste the best food and enjoy the comfort of a unique space. 
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More About Be Live Hotels

We want you and your family to live an authentic experience, for which we offer our facilities with a full schedule of activities and entertainment. Located in Premium spots, you’ll find the way to relax and unwind in a discrete and exclusive setting.

Our Smart hotels are thought to enjoy the location and service of a simple line with all the quality that Be Live offers.

Strategically located in the main cities and close to the airport, to make business trips comfortable with the quality guarantees that a top brand can offer. Targeted to professionals or tourists. Be Smart. For those who want to enjoy more economical vacations, but always with the characteristic quality that we are known for. Simple, economical hotels that are secure within the guarantee of an industry leader. Modern hotels where the predominating atmosphere is for couples, friends, and adults that want to enjoy the absolute relaxation offered by the facilities in these premium-location hotels. Exquisite restaurants, total relaxation and exclusive discretion are the most important elements. Visit and get promo codes and voucher codes and save your pocket!

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