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Audiopi provides audio tutorials / educational podcasts which have been designed to inspire learning. Written by people in the know, from experienced teachers to exam board examiners and academics from leading universities, they follow the curriculum to ensure absolute relevance and provide all the necessary arguments. Furthermore, by using audio, a proven format to aid learning, teachers and students alike can use and listen when they wish both inside and outside the classroom, on their computer or phone. Avail their vouchers, promo and discount codes at
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More About Audiopi

Education should be a joy for all. In every culture up until the 21st Century, the aural tradition has been the most powerful source of passing knowledge from generation to generation. This tradition is their inspiration at Audiopi - to capture and enable that story telling spirit that informs, teaches and entertains simultaneously.

Each tutorial series consists of an average of 15-30 tutorials, breaking down each core topic into a short, sharp, informative and entertaining (they love using music and sound effects to really bring them alive!) 5-10 minute podcast which provides all the details, analysis and arguments required. This tradition has been slowly eroded but it shouldn't have. It has stood the test of time and proves, along with many current studies, that listening and listening well, is a powerful tool for learning.

Their podcasts and their platform reflect this. They want their students to pass their exams and pass them well and they want teachers to have a resource that really aids both inside and outside the classroom. To achieve this they are creating exceptional podcasts that teach and fuel the imagination in equal measure and are building a platform so that educators and students can create, share, collaborate and learn from one another. Avail their vouchers, promo and discount codes at

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